Vaping. The use of Electronic Cigarettes or an Electronic device to Vape as an alternative to smoking.


I had been smoking conventional cigarettes from the age of 32 years!!!


Inhaling and exhaling water vapour that is flavored (various available) with a measured amount of nicotine is now my only vice!


I wish I had discovered this safer alternative a long time ago.


Vaper Trails is the local High Street retailer that specialises in Electronic Cigarettes/Vaping devices based in Bournemouth.


Their website will explain all you need to know far more professionally than I can, so I suggest you look these guys up and make a serious lifestyle change that will not only improve your quality of life but will also save you a fortune. What could you do with £1,500.00 a year?

£6.40 a packet is no longer sustainable.

£20 a month is much more like it!!


I am now a Vaping activist. Feel free to contact me via Twitter @ECigologist or via


For an informative and entertaining look at the subject of E-Cigarettes and Vaping log onto


VaperTrails Bournemouth and are not connected. Just a coincidence.